Month: October 2016

ADHD Parenting Workshops

We are offering three separate workshops for parents of children with ADHD on consecutive Thursday evenings from 6.30 – 8.30pm. Details are as follows:

3rd November at 6.30 – 8.30pm: Parenting Styles & Strategies Supporting Pro-social Outcomes
• Well-being and “sparkly moments”
• ‘Good enough’ parenting
• Parenting styles
• Being an ‘authoritative’ parent – benefits, intentions & perceptions
• The 4 roles supporting ‘authoritative’ practice
A) When Rules are Broken
B) Coaching your Teen
C) The World of Consequences
D) A ‘Prevention is better than Cure’ Approach
E) ‘Solution Focused’ Language

10th November 2016 at 6.30 – 8.30pm: An Introduction to Assertive Management Strategies (1 – 12 years)
• Well-being & “Sparkly Moments”
• Basic Parenting Philosophy
• Automatic vs. Deliberate Parenting
• 3 Parenting Jobs
A) Controlling “obnoxious” behaviour (x3)
B) Encouraging good behaviour (x7)
C) Strengthening relationship with child (x5)
• Learning to be Independent
• Practice makes Perfect!
17th November at 6.30 – 8.30pm: Acknowledging STRESS, building Resilience & ACHIEVING greater well-being
• Me!
• Stress
• What it is/What it is linked to/Other causes
• The Body’s Response, Mindset & Behaviour, The Vicious Circle
• Recognising when “Time-out” is needed/Using SF Responses
• Exercise – breaking things down, tackling things in stages
• The Good news – introducing the notions of Perspective & Resilience
• Resilience
• Definition, Domains
• Toolkit (Attitudes, Skillset, Lifestyle)
• Well-being
• Well-being and ‘Sparkly Moments’
• “Practical Tips
• Mindfulness, Relaxation Imagery
• Lovely logics & A final thought

Please email if you would like more information or to book a place on one or all of our workshops!

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