Month: January 2017

ADHD Parenting Programme March 2017

adhd diagnosis in oxfordshireWe are delighted to announce that our next ADHD Parenting Programme takes place in March 2017, over five consecutive Thursdays, commencing 2nd March 2017.

The ADHD Parenting Programme is led by Lyn Oualah, a qualified teacher with almost 30 years of classroom experience.  She is accredited in 6 Positive Parenting Programmes (PPP) and has been the lead facilitator for the Level 4 programme in her current role for the past 6 years.  As a Solution Focused “Champion” (2010), Lyn is keen to promote ways of finding and creating solutions that keep all parties engaged and commited to achieving the agreed targets on the intervention plan.

Topics addressed over the five week programme include:

  • Preconceived Ideas
  • Current Concerns & Worries vs. Wants & Expectations from the Course
  • How the ADHD Brain works
  • Responding to ADHD – The Choices we face
  • A Clinical Perspective of ADHD – The 3 Core Symptoms
  • How Mindset affects Behaviour
  • Behaviour Management x 3 (Routines, Consistent Rules, Giving Clear Instructions)
  • Ideas for managing Hyperactive Behaviours
  • Role of Exercise vs. Meditation & Mindfulness
  • Sanctions & Rewards
  • Concept of “Fit for Purpose”
  • Routines & Consistent Rules – Sorting out what is/isn’t essential!
  • The Anger Cycle
  • Managing constant Demands and Anger
  • The Power of Language
  • Responding to Incidents at Home/3rd Party Involvement
  • Triangle of Roles – Persecutor, Victim, Rescuer
  • Ideas for managing Impulsive/Inattentive Behaviours
  • Ideas for Behaviour Management at School
  • Treatment Options for ADHD – A Multi-Modal Approach
  • Coping Strategies for Parents – Advocacy/Agency support

For further information, please click on the link below:

ADHD Parenting Programme March 2017

For all bookings and enquiries, please get in touch with Susan via email at Oxford ADHD Centre.

The cost of the five week programme is £275 pp (with discounts available for couples).
An ADHD book and refreshments will be provided.

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