ADHD Assessment for Adults

ADHD is characterised by the three “core” symptoms of hyperactivity, inattention and impulsivity and although recognition is increasing in childhood, it is now clear that ADHD is a lifelong condition, with many affected adults remaining undiagnosed.

Adults with ADHD tend to be forgetful, disorganised, easily distracted, have poor time management and impulsive decision making, all of which can seriously affect jobs, home life and relationships. If the diagnosis has not been made in childhood, it may not be considered by patients themselves or indeed by health professionals but it is thought that a number of adults who suffer from long-term anxiety and/or depression may actually have undiagnosed ADHD. ADHD has a very strong genetic link and it is good practice to consider whether one or both parents of an affected child may indeed have the condition themselves.

We offer the following ADHD assessment for adults at the Centre:

ADHD Diagnostic Package

The purpose of these assessments is to establish whether an individual has a diagnosis of ADHD and they are carried out in two parts. The initial assessment is a structured interview with the patient and ideally, a relative or friend that knew the patient in childhood. This is called a DIVA assessment and takes approximately 1.5-2 hours. At the same appointment we also carry out a computerised assessment for ADHD, called a QB Check. The second part of the assessment is carried out by an experienced Psychiatrist who will review the results of the DIVA in advance of the appointment.  If a diagnosis of ADHD is made, a full explanation will be given and treatment options discussed. Medication can be started at this appointment if appropriate. A full written report will be provided for all patients.

Cost of the assessment: £1450

Follow-up appointments

If adults receive a diagnosis of ADHD they will be given a number of treatment options. If a decision is made to start medication at the time of the assessment, we will arrange a follow-up appointment one month later. If a decision is made to start medication at a later date, another appointment may be required prior to issuing a prescription. If your GP is able to share your care with us once medication is stabilised, the frequency of further follow-up appointments will depend upon the complexity of each individual case.

Cost of a follow-up appointment £225 – £250

New patient appointments

We appreciate that some patients may already have a diagnosis of ADHD but would like to visit the clinic for a second opinion or advice regarding management/medication. In these cases we would attempt to gather as much information as possible from your GP or consultant and offer a longer appointment in order to thoroughly review all of the information before offering advice.

Please be aware that if there is insufficient evidence of a previous diagnosis, we may recommend a full assessment is carried out.

Cost of a new patient appointment £325-£495 (60-90 minutes)

Due to the nature of the medications prescribed for ADHD, we require consent to contact your GP before any prescriptions are issued.

QB Check

QB Check is a computerised assessment lasting 15-20 minutes and is an aid to the diagnosis of ADHD. The participant is asked to respond as quickly and accurately as possible to certain shapes appearing on a computer screen by pressing the space bar on a computer keyboard. As they perform the task, a camera located above the computer screen records their activity during the assessment.

The assessment is able to record movement, rating levels of hyperactivity, as well as readings which give an indication of the degree of inattention and impulsivity. It has been shown to be a very accurate assessment for ADHD when used in addition to the clinical interview and can also be used to assess response to treatment.

Please note that the QB check alone does not provide a diagnosis of ADHD.

Cost of QB Check plus written report £295

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