ADHD Assessments for Children

iStock_000053266710_FullADHD is a condition characterised by the three “core” symptoms of hyperactivity, inattention and impulsivity. Some children may be predominantly hyperactive and impulsive and some may be predominantly inattentive. ADHD affects around 5% of school age children in the UK. When considering the diagnosis, the symptoms must be present in two or more settings (usually home and school) and have a significant impact on the child’s life such as their social, emotional, psychological and educational functioning when compared to children who do not have ADHD.

ADHD in children often co-exists with other conditions such as Autism Spectrum Disorder, conduct problems, anxiety, depression, learning difficulties (including dyslexia) and difficulties with coordination and movement (dyspraxia or “DCD”).

If ADHD is not diagnosed and treated it can go on to have serious effects on a child’s social and emotional wellbeing, underachievement at school and cause significant family stress and disruption.

We offer the following  ADHD assessment for children at the Centre:

ADHD Diagnostic Package

Information from both home and school will be collected and evaluated prior to the assessment, including Conners questionnaires. These questionnaires are specifically designed to look for the key features of ADHD and also assess the possibility of other “co-existing” conditions which may be present. A thorough developmental history and interview with the parents/carers is carried out. We can also complete a detailed cognitive assessment for your child, to look for any specific learning difficulties. If a diagnosis of ADHD is made, a full explanation will be given and advice regarding further management, including medication.

A full written report is produced for all patients.

Cost of ADHD assessment £1500

Further appointments are available in the event of a diagnosis, to discuss treatment options, including medication.  Additional fees will apply to subsequent appointments.

Follow-up appointments

If a decision is made to commence medication, medical safety checks will need to be carried out beforehand and will include asking your GP to assist in arranging a cardiac check.  Details will be provided at that stage. Follow up appointments will then need to be scheduled at set intervals until a stable dose is achieved.

If your GP is able to share your care with us once medication is stabilised, the frequency of further follow-up appointments will depend upon the complexity of the case and parental request, but will be at least 6 monthly.

Cost of a follow-up appointment £200-450 (depending on clinician and length of appointment).

New patient appointments

We appreciate that some patients may already have a diagnosis of ADHD but would like to visit the clinic for a second opinion or advice regarding management/medication. In these cases we would attempt to gather as much information as possible from your GP or consultant (including a full diagnostic report, cardiac assessment and medical safety checks) and offer a longer initial appointment in order to thoroughly review all of the  information before offering advice.

Cost of a new patient appointment £325-£600 (depending on clinician and length of appointment).

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