Autism Assessment for Adults

Autism is a lifelong developmental disability which affects how an individual communicates with and relates to other people and is also characterised by restricted, repetitive patterns of behaviour, interests or activities. It is a “spectrum” condition which means that it varies in severity from “low functioning” to “high functioning” autism (previously known as Asperger’s syndrome).

In addition to these features, people with autism frequently experience a range of cognitive, learning, language, medical, emotional and behavioural problems. These can include a need for routine and difficulty understanding other people, including their intentions, feelings and perspectives. Approximately 60-70% of people with autism have some degree of learning difficulty and around 70% have at least 1 other (often unrecognised) physical or mental health problem, such as sleep problems, eating problems, epilepsy, anxiety, depression, ADHD, coordination problems and sensory sensitivities. In adults these difficulties can lead to social isolation, relationship problems, difficulties with employment and low self-esteem. A diagnosis in adulthood is often a big relief as not only does it give an explanation but also enables support to be given, such as help with employment and benefits.

We offer the following Autism assessment for adults at the Centre:

Autism Diagnostic Package

These assessments are carried out in two parts. The first part is a structured interview with the patient’s parents or close relatives to enable a detailed review of their early development where possible and specific features of their behaviour while growing up. This is called an ADI-R assessment and takes two to three hours. If it is not possible to interview somebody who knew you as a child (face to face or by telephone) we carry out an assessment called an ADOS which is a specialist interview lasting one hour. The second part of the assessment is carried out by our experienced Psychiatrist and he will review the results of the ADI-R/ADOS in advance of the appointment. This part of the assessment may take up to two hours. If a diagnosis of Autism is made, a full explanation will be given and advice regarding ongoing management. A full written report will be provided for all patients.

Cost of the assessment: £1900

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