Speech and Language Therapy

Children on the autism spectrum often have difficulty communicating with other people and also understanding non-verbal cues and social behaviour. This may delay their language acquisition and lead to frustration when they cannot make their needs understood. If they find play and social situations difficult and so avoid them, they also have fewer opportunities to learn language.

There may be a wide range of difficulties. Some children have limited or even no speech, and their understanding of other’s speech may vary enormously. Some children have good vocabularies and can talk on particular topics in great depth and some, but not many have problems with pronunciation. Many have difficulty using language effectively, and many also have problems with word and sentence meaning, intonation and rhythm or say things that have no content or information. Children on the autism spectrum may also have a very literal understanding of language or use their own idiosyncratic language.


For these reasons Speech and Language Therapists are experts at assessing children who may be on the Autism spectrum. Our Speech and Language therapist is highly experienced in carrying out these assessments and sees patients across a wide age range, either individually or as part of the neurodevelopmental assessment with our consultant Paediatrician. She is also able to give advice and short interventions for individuals’ communication or education needs and making future recommendations.

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