These are some of the things that our patients are saying about our service at the Oxford ADHD & Autism Centre.

“Having dreaded this assessment process we found it very positive, not least because we felt listened to; a rare treat in the world of special need. Our son went in happy and came out just the same way. Again our previous concerns completely unfounded.  Thank you again for this excellent and much needed service.”

“Many thanks for the report which arrived today. The service and kindness that we received from you and your colleagues was very much appreciated, not to mention the professionalism and expertise!”

“Thank you so much for the assessment yesterday. You put our daughter at ease and we feel you really got to grips with all the issues around her ADHD. We were impressed that you used several elements to the assessment (Conners, interview and psychometric testing). We especially valued the immediate feedback and providing the initial prescription. The process of contacting you and getting an appointment was extremely straightforward and slick and prompt. We would have no hesitation to recommend this service to others and would rate it as “Outstanding”.  Even our daughter said it wasn’t as bad as she thought!”

“We would  just like to say thank you – J. was extremely nervous as were we for his assessment, as we didn’t know what to expect, and anticipated lots of stress. You have a lovely clinic and fantastic staff so once again thank you.” 

“I just wanted to write to thank you and the team for my assessment 2 weeks back. Both Emma and Tasos were incredibly thorough, quick to get the appointment and actually came out with a lot more than just a yes/no for the ASD which not only did I appreciate, but I wasn’t expecting. It definitely made me feel a bit more validated and like there could be a way to help me! Personally, it was a really great experience and I wanted to let you know so that you can pass my thanks onto the two.”

“I wanted to let you know that P. got 3 A-levels. We are thrilled for him and P. too was greatly relieved. I do not believe this would have been achievable without the medical intervention that he received on coming to the ADHD centre.  Thank you again for your professional and personal support.”

“We really appreciate the extra help and all the time and effort you’ve put in to the workshops, thank you because they were fantastic.  It was useful to gain an insight into the breadth of autism and also to meet other parents in similar situations to us.”

“I attended the second part of the autism workshops today. I just wanted to email to say thank you for organising this workshop and to tell you how helpful and reassuring I found it. Many thanks.”

“It was extremely helpful and felt quite an indulgence to have the ear and expertise of a neuro psychologist and consultant for several hours! Michael was extremely easy to talk to and very clear that our daughter met the criteria. Thank you so much and thank you for creating such a lovely relaxing environment, your staff members were extremely helpful and welcoming too. My daughter is obsessed with those stretchy men!! They were the highlight of the weekend!” 

“I’m surprised, a little shocked (to receive the diagnosis so soon), and a little shaken but at the same time strangely relieved that we finally have a diagnosis. Thank you so much, now we know what we are dealing with we will endeavour to do everything in our power to help our son deal with his troubles and support him in every way we can.  Thank you for your help, time and especially for showing our son that there really are some very nice people in this world outside of our family! We are very happy with the report and feel you’ve got our little boy down to a T.”

“We would like to thank you both very much for all of your work before, during and after our daughter’s assessment day. We had been worried about it for so long, but you both put us all at ease immediately and it was so fantastic to find such ready and sympathetic ears! For our daughter too, the day was calm, happy and stress-free and this was all we could have wanted. Many, many thanks!”

“Your approach with our son was fantastic and he obviously felt at ease with you both, as did we. An emotionally exhausting day for the three of us and I think it will take some time for us to actually accept that we now have a diagnoses and work out what we do moving forward. But, at least we now have the ability to do this, so thank you so very much for your time, compassion and above all your understanding.”

“I just wanted to say thank you for seeing us on Saturday. I was quite anxious about how our son would cope on the day but I could see how relaxed he was because you were all so kind with him”

“I do think that you have an amazing and valuable set up and would recommend anyone who thinks their child has ADHD to come to you. My main reason for saying this is because of the way you have handled us in a very professional, but compassionate way. You have always answered my calls and questions. You have made the whole process easy to access and to deal with and I am really grateful”

“I can’t thank you and Dr Galanopoulos enough – you really have been amazing!”

“I just wanted to say how pleased we all were to get a diagnosis on Saturday, and how impressed we were by the way in which we were treated, so thank you to all of you.You have done a wonderful thing to get the centre up and running. I know it must have been much hard work, and years in the making”

“Thank you so much for all your support. It makes a real difference”

“After my initial e-mail to the centre, the communication was timely and extremely helpful. You answered all my questions and explained which assessment might be best for us. We felt very welcomed when we arrived on Saturday…..Dr Absoud was extremely patient with me and was great at explaining questions that I didn’t understand – it felt more like a conversation than a set of questions which was good.It didn’t feel rushed and I have to say that I definitely felt listened to.
Dr Baulcomb was really good with our son and kept him engaged. He warmed to her as she was so kind with him and asked questions in a clear way. 
Although it was very difficult to hear that our son did meet the criteria for ASD, it was explained in terms of areas of strengths and weaknesses which made a lot of sense.
Dr Absoud and Dr Baulcomb were encouraging, positive and objective which is exactly why we wanted our son to have his assessment with experts like themselves. I feel grateful that we have had such a thorough assessment”

I am grateful that your organisation was there for us and that Michael and Jennifer gave our son such a warm and enjoyable experience.” 

“I would like to take this opportunity to extend my gratitude and thanks to Dr Galanopoulos and yourself for the support, time, patience and kindness that has been extended to my mother and myself. Your input and diagnosis (which I must admit I was sceptical about at first) has enabled a large positive change within my work and personal life for which I am eternally grateful.”

“I wanted to say how lovely I thought you were on Saturday. It is not often that you find someone really human running a business. I hope that you continue to thrive.”

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